M  M  S

-M a t  h i u s  M a r v e l l o u s  S h o p-



Genre: Fiction Feature / Comedy

Phase: Postproduction

Release: Autumn 2019

Production company: PA Filmproduktion, Dochka Films

Country: Germany and Spain


Director: Manuel Escorihuela, Paola Alvarez

Screenwiter: Paola Alvarez , Manuel Escorihuela

Production Designer: Paola Alvarez , Manuel Escorihuela

Cinematographer: Cristina Amate

Art Director: Rachel Lamot

Selected in competition for PRIZE RIZOMA 2019 of Experimental Arts:




MMS is a retro-futuristic comedy recreated in Berlin in the year 420 after the impact of a comet on Earth. This apocalyptic catastrophe destroys the old world, giving birth a new order where disgregation and prejudices disappeared.

Mathius is a fashion designer, who will discover a treasure containing still some of the magic proper of the 80'. Spreading in the new world doubts about the "Status Quo", and finding out the actual reasons for "the catastrophe" to happen.


MMS counts with multidisciplinary artists as a cast, like Matilde Colinas, Marta Bassols, Cecilia Bartolomé, Mit Borrás, Jorge Segura or Jone San Martín. Written and directed by Paola Álvarez and Manu Escorihuela. MMS is the second feature of this multifaceted filmmakers, after "Der Nowak".

This film shapes itself as an unconventional arthouse cinema creation, full of highly symbolic content, and a fascinating underlined critic to society.

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