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Genre: Online Documentary series

Production: Dochka & Ggobé Films

Directing: Vanessa Castro
Cinematography: Cris Amate
Starring: Zolfaqar Shaarani, Abdullah Rahhal, Dyala Brisly and Hazem Alhambi.

AMA (Art, Migration and Activism) is an online Documentary series about four artists that found their way to exorcise the traumatic experiences they carry after fleeing from Siria because of the war.
They developed a constructive and powerful tool for social activism through art production.
We will explore how their approaches to the creative process changed once they arrived in Germany.

" P  O  L  Y  C  H  O  P  S :  P  O  L  Y  R  Y  T  H  M S     I  N      M  O  D  E  R  N      M  U  S  I  C "

Genre: Online Documentary series

Production: Dochka 

Directing: Arkady S. Brot
Cinematography: Cristina Amate

Polychops explores the presence of polyrhythms in the development of modern music composition.

The first season counts with musicians as Ares Gratal, Antonio Piñeira, Alex Pardo, Alan Nguyen, Matilde Colinas or Philip Vollmer.

Moderated by Andrey Salomatin.

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