T   I   E   M   P   O


Genre: Docu-fiction/ Creative documentary feature

Director: Cristina Amate

Executive Producers: Aina Gallardo, Daniel Tornero

Production Designer: Rachel Lamot

Cinematography: Cristina Amate


Phase: Preproduction & Fundraising

Duration: 120 min.

Production company: Dochka Films(Germany)

Countries: Germany-Spain-Iceland

Partners: AAIICC, Diputación de Jaén







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Legal Disclaimer:

© Project registered on the Spanish Intelectual Property Office Nr.20 189 990 560 8084 / Exp. JA-204-18



Six characters, on the verge of profound changes, are looking for different ways to transcend and complete a cycle of their lives.

In the search, they will discover what motivates their need for change.

The climate crisis, equity, or collective memory will become powerful sources of inspiration for this transformation.

The abstract world of lucid dreams will show the protagonists the way towards evolution.





This film explores the relationship between human beings and their own natural cycles of change.


The film divides the duration of human life into six stages.

Each stage will be represented by a character.

We will accompany these six people through the journey of life, to reveal what they all have in common, above their different belief systems.


They will be an anchor for universal topics such as: “The passage of time” or “The search for the purpose of life”.

Their stories will help us to understand, from a local perspective, which is the engine to undertake actions for social change.


The protagonists will need to discover how these global issues affect their lives locally. A harsh task in the middle of a complex sociopolitical and environmental situation, mainly dominated by disinformation.


The most valuable tool that they have to reveal the mysteries of their current situation is their own dreams.

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