B  K  N


Genre: Documentary

Director: Valentina Lorenzo

Executive Producers: Valentina Lorenzo & Cristina Amate

Screenplay: Valentina Lorenzo & Kale Nocol

Cinematography: Cristina Amate


Phase: Preproduction & Fundraising

Year: 2020

Duration: 80 min.

Production company: Dochka Films(Germany) &

Valentina Lorenzo(Argentina)

Countries: Chile-Germany

Partners: Cooperativa de Fotografas de Chile & 

Territorial Assembly Parque las Brujas.







20180217_114553 (4).jpg



Rejecting the policies of the Chilean government, and in the midst of a popular revolt that took place in October 2019, three characters from different collectives deconstruct the pillars of the Capitalist system(Patriarchy, Neo-colonialism, and Neo-liberalism) with one common goal, to get back the dignity the State took away from them. The resistance becomes a real alternative when thousands of self-organized groups intersect the streets, proving humanity that the political paradigm is able to mutate.

Legal Disclaimer:

The pictures copyrights are owned by the author, the Chilean photographer NikoleKramm.